North East Texas Photographer

Loving lifestyle!

One of my business goals for 2018 was to make the transformation over to lifestyle photography. The last few months I have been incorporating a lot less poses and more lifestyle elements to my sessions and I have to say, there is no turning back now.  I have always loved photography and find myself blessed to call it my career, but capturing these amazing moments between families has shown me a brand new love and appreciation for it.  Used to about 3/4 of the way through editing a session, I was over it lol, no matter how great the session it just got a bit repetitive.  When Editing lifestyle sessions each photo brings out such emotion that they are not only so much fun to shoot, but so much fun to edit as well.  Seeing the true joy and love on peoples faces vs forced smiles into the camera is such an amazing progression!  I will still always incorporate a few smile at the camera moments into my sessions as I do think they still have their place, but for the most part a session will be  just haveing fun and I will get to capture every moment of it. Here is a peak at my most recent session and what you can look forward to in a future session with me!!!