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My word for 2018

 When I started seeing everyone's posts of their "word for the year"  I was a little sad I've missed out on this in years passed. What an amazing opportunity to not just make a new years resolution but perhaps a life resolution.  When you start a business you create a mission statement that you build your business on and can reflect on to make sure your values and services are always in compliance with your mission statement.  For me this word will be like my mission statement for life.  

My word for 2018 is MEMORIES.

 I want to spend the year making as many special memories for my kids as I possibly can.  Every day I want to REMEMBER THAT OUR PRESENT DAY ACTIVITIES WILL BE THEIR MEMORIES when I am no longer around.  This includes my mood and the words I chose to say when speaking to them.  I want to make sure their memories are of me  being kind and loving and always making time for them. While I do want them to see the value in how hard I work I also want them to remember that I took the time to take a break and just snuggle and watch a movie, go to the park, take a saturday off and go somewhere fun.  

I also want to take the time to capture these memories.  My job is being behind my camera and when I'm home I put it away because that's work right lol.  So this year I want to leave the camera out.

I want to capture memories of my son while there is still some little boy left in him. He turns 10 in two weeks and he's so grown up in so many ways, but he still has these moments when he fights his sister for the spot next to me on the couch and wants to help me make dinner or gets excited to show me what lego structure he's created.  I want to capture that adorable little boy grin before it turns into the smile of a man.  I want to capture the way he looks at me with love and adoration before those sweet looks turn to sarcastic eye rolls.  I want to capture the boy that still digs in the dirt and plays pretend with his sister before that little boy is gone.

I want to  capture my oldest daughter in her sweet, silly, carefree ways as she dances around my living room in tutus and tiaras and as she goes outside and covers herself in dirt playing with her big bubba or working with her daddy.  The moments she runs to Bubba's room when she is scared, how they love each other so much and even the moments where they can't stand each other. 

I want to capture my littlest who is currently 2 months old whom i have tons of blurry over or underexposed cell phone pictures of but very few good photos captured with my camera.  I want to capture her and all her little milestones as much as I can as she will grow and change so fast in these next few months and years. She's already changed and grown so much in just the last two months.  

I also want to capture more real memories for my clients, not just posed photos but actual moments that your family will cherish forever.  I am making the transition this year to what I consider a storyteller photographer.  I want to tell your families story.  Capture the looks, smiles, and laughs between each other and even the tears and comforting when necessary.  I want to capture memories for my own family and for your families that will reflect life as we know it today and want to remember it in the future.  Be it the sweet beginning of a life with someone you love or a life full of crazy kids, laughs, smiles, tears and all.  Moments you want to stay in forever and moments you might want to pull your hair out over, all of these are special moments and all of them deserve to be captured and remembered. 

What is your word for 2018?