Sunrise on a hill - Fort Worth Texas Photographer

I absolutely cannot get over the beauty in this session. The location, the sunrise, the wardrobes, the clients! In photography beauty is kind of what we aim for and this session had it all! I’ve captured this family twice this past year and they are always so much fun and so real letting me capture them in beautiful raw moments! I rarely have clients willing to get up before the sun even rises get dressed up, drive to a location 25 minutes down winding back roads in the middle of nowhere and get going taking pictures literally at the crack of dawn, but just look at this session it was hands down completely worth it!

Fort Worth Photographer family session at sunrise
Fort Worth Photographer Sunrise session
family fun during a session in Forth Worth Texas with Jeennie Elissa Photographer
girls dance on a hill at sunrise captured by Fort Worth photographer Jeennie Elissa!
GirlGirl gives mom flowers during Fort Worth family photographer session at sunrise.
A girl and her mom take a walk at sunrise during a family photography session in Fort Worth Texas
Mom and daughter dance Fort Worth Photographer Jeennie Elissa captures this sweet moment on a hill during a sunrise session.
Mom and daughter dance close up picture by Jeennie Elissa Photography a photographer servicing Fort Worth, Weatherford, and Decatur Texas
Fort Worth mom and daughter chase butterflies during there session with photographer Jeennie Elissa.  Weatherford, Decatur, Burleson, Fort Worth Photographer
Mom tickles daughter as the sunrises over a hill in the beautiful Lyndon B Johnson Grasslands in Decatur Texas.  Moment is captured by Fort Worth Photographer Jeennie Elissa
Detailed captuure of mom embracing her daughter.  Fort Worth, Weatherford, Decatur, Burleson, mom and daughter.
Mommy and me moment in Fort Worth by Jeennie Elissa Photography.
Girl hugs her mom while Fort Worth photographer Jeennie Elissa captures a close up moment of their embrace with the sun rising over the trees shining on them.
Family photographer sevicing Fort Worth , Weatherford, Burleson, and Decatur Texas. snaps a shot of mom and daughter embracing in a hug at sunrise at LBJ grasslands in Decatur Texas.

Into the woods we go! Beautiful family session in the woods!

I’ve known the family for quite a few years now and I was so excited to get to spend some time capturing their sweet family moments! They did not disappoint, the kids were silly and fun the entire session and Amy and Rusty are just adorable! They were such a sweet loving family I just can’t get enough! Here’s a peak into their session in the woods in North Texas!

DSC_8972-1 copy.jpg
DSC_9303-3 copy.jpg
DSC_9342-1 copy.jpg

Dirt - Fort Worth Family Photographer

Playing in the dirt

I remember being a kid and going outside and just burying myself in dirt.

I would spend my afternoons drawing in it, filling buckets with it just to dump it back out again, making mountains, or roads for my barbie cars, anything I could imagine I could make with dirt.


There is something about the way it falls through your fingers and squishes in between your toes that is like heaven for a child.


Dirt is incredibly beneficial to the immune system and well, just plain fun!


My babies have all grown up playing in the dirt and loving it.

Here's a little cousin time full of dirt and fun! loving getting to photograph these babies.

Family Photographer Fort Worth Weatherford and Burleson Texas!